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Maui County Council

Since 1914, Boy Scouts of America has played an
important role in Maui County history. Thousands of community leaders 
formed their values while taking the Scout's promise -- "On my honor."  
Scouting taught them leadership skills, values, self-reliance, responsibility, 
and teamwork. Today, we continue to provide our youth this kind of 
idealism, courage, and commitment.

At first glance, the Boy Scouts and Scouting may appear to be fun 
and games, and it is.  Along the way, however, Scouts learn to pitch 
a tent, tie knots, cook, enjoy nature, work together, as well as acquire 
self-reliance and leadership skills.   Scouting programs enable Scouts 
to earn BSA merit badges while they learn these skills.  The virtues 
taught by the Maui County Council become an integral part of shaping a 
boy's life.  Current Boy Scout members show the Scouting program
proves to be an essential part in building the strong character of a leader.

Maui County Council, Boy Scouts of America provides quality Boy Scout
programming to the islands of  Maui, Molokai, and Lanai.  With the support
of 600 adult volunteers and 40 partner organizations, Scouting in the County
of Maui reaches over 1,600 young people each year.

Board of Directors


President Pat Saka
Vice-President Administration Bobby Baker
VP Development/Special Projects Glen Yamasakai
Vice-President Program Linda Tamanaha
Vice-President Properties Ron Fukumoto
Vice-President Membership Ed Reinhart
Vice-President Endowment Mike Lyons
Vice-President Finance John Kreag
Past President Charlie Jencks
Commissioner Arnold Wunder

District Chairman

Central District Chair Nelson Tanaka
East Maui District Chair Ken Jencks
Lanai District Chair Catherine Nohara
Molokai District Chair Carl Adolpho Jr.
West Maui District Chair Clif Akayama

Executive Board Members

Hideo Abe Lanky Matsumoto Linn Nishikawa
Grant Chun Micheal Nobriga Marilyn Niwao Roberts
Charlie Keyes John Kreag Dwayne Wada

Advisory Board Members

Clyde Hamai Brian Hashiro

Calvin Higuchi

Willie Kennison John Kim Roger MacArthur
Boyd Mossman Mike Munekiyo Buddy Nobriga
Hank Pohndorf Meyer Ueoka Hilton Unemori

Scout Executive/CEO:  Jack Dillon  
        Contact at:
Senior District Executive: Lorin Kosaka
        Contact at:

Council Staff
Registrar/Trading Post:  Pamela "Mela" Dickson
        Contact at:
Natalie Lee-Kwai
        Contact at:

To learn more about our Packs and Troops, visit:
Troop 12, Haiku, Maui at: Troop 12
Troop 14, Kula, Maui at: Troop 14